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ADIS16445 substrate cutout sizes

Question asked by AllUsernamesAreTaken on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by lallison

I am planning to use the ADIS16445 in one of my designs.

I have had a look at AN-1305 where it states that the IMU requires a cutout under it so that forces are applied only to the metal frame and not the substrate:

ADIS16445 cutout

What are the required sizes of the cutout?

I have had a look at the 3D model of the ADIS16445, and can get the sizes from there, but the 3D model doesn't have information about tolerances. If I just fit the cutout to the 3D model size, will it fit all sensors, or do the sizes need to be slightly increased? If they do, how?

Unfortunately, the dimensions in the datasheet do not show all the sizes of the substrate, only of the sensor body itself.