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Startup Sequence of AD9789

Question asked by Mochi on Oct 3, 2017
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My customers say.
Data Sheet There is a question about the recommended startup sequence of AD9789 on page 62.
We created a startup sequence to execute step 9 before step 0.
We think that this sequence is convenient to us, and that it will work well.
We tested 3000 activations, but no inconvenience occurred.

My customers want to install the above sequence in their products.
Can you tell me whether the problem is due to the specifications of AD9789?
Do you consider something fatal?

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I would be grateful if you could let us have your answer concerning this matter.


The customer says as follows;
In the recommended sequence, output abnormality (BER characteristic degradation) occurs after startup.
From the end customer, I got the information that "I changed the order of the sequence and improved," and made the same change, the problem no longer occurred.
We did, such as widening the time interval of each step, but the frequency of occurrence of output abnormality has not changed.
When we aligned the sequence order with customer information, the problem improved.