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HMC7044 PLL2 is not locked

Question asked by fuji38 on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by fuji38

Hello all,


I started using a HMC7044 evaluation board. Since there is an issue on controlling via USB-SPI, I am using a FPGA as the SPI controller. At first, as described in UG-826, I tried out the quick start configuration by extracting the register settings from the file "". However output frequency is not 983 MHz, but 860 MHz. It looks like PLL2 is not locked, and the internal VCO is stuck at low frequency.


The condition is:
- Connected 122.882 MHz at CLKIN0_RFSYNC_P input
- GPIO1 LED (PLL1 Lock) turns on.
- GPIO2 LED (PLL2 Lock) is off.
- CLKOUT10 frequency is 860.173 MHz


I added FSM restart and PLL2 status readout at the end of SPI sequence. There were 24 (0x18) autotune errors in the readout . That is:


# restart

time.sleep(0.01) # wait for 10 ms

rd =

hmc7044.write(0x0001, rd | 0x01) # restart dividers/FSMs

time.sleep(0.01) # wait for 10 ms

hmc7044.write(0x0001, rd) # negate restart bit

time.sleep(0.01) # wait for 10 ms

# show PLL2 status # PLL2 autotune value # PLL2 autotune error (LSB) # PLL2 autotune error (MSB) # PLL2 autotune FMS state



debug: HMC7044 read(0x0001) --> 0x00
debug: HMC7044 write(0x0001, 0x01)
debug: HMC7044 write(0x0001, 0x00)
debug: HMC7044 read(0x008C) --> 0x1F
debug: HMC7044 read(0x008D) --> 0x18
debug: HMC7044 read(0x008E) --> 0x00
debug: HMC7044 read(0x008F) --> 0x00

Any ideas on fixing the issue?

Thank you,