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ADXL 375 Trigger mode

Question asked by Mochi on Oct 2, 2017
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My customers are considering ADXK 357.
Please tell me about shock detection and FIFO.

Questions about DUR
The data sheet says "If only the single shock function is in use, the single shock interrupt is triggered when the acceleration goes below the threshold, as long as the duration time is not exceeded.
If the impact does not fall below the threshold within the time of DUR, will SINGLE SHOCK trigger not occur?
Or will SINGLE SHOCK trigger occur at the time set in DUR?

When assigning SINGLE_SHOCK of 0x2E and Trigger of 0x38 to the same INT1 pin, which one is interrupted first?

At what timing do SINGLE_SHOCK 0x2E and 0x38 Trigger operate against shock waveform?

Is it necessary to set SINGLE_SHOCK of 0x2E and Trigger of 0x38 on the same INT pin?

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