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AD7779 single ended operation & noise

Question asked by j_jafari on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by jcolao

If I want to use the AD7779 in single ended configuration form, do I connect the AINx- to AVSS or VREF?     

I'm using an external 2.5 reference, as well as dual supply providing +/-1.8 power to the board.  For my inputs 8x amplification with PGA is not enough, so I'm using instrumental amplifier (AD8422) which already provides the 'differential input' to remove common noise signal. To avoid using multiple AD8422 for my negative and positive inputs, I prefer to just use single ended operation, hence wanted to make sure I'm understanding the operation correctly? By connecting AINx- to AVSS or VREF, I should be able to use single ended operation, yet I can still acquire true positive and negative inputs given I supply the AD8422 chip with +/- power?