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ADRF6806 Eval Kit Non-Responsive

Question asked by sahlport on Sep 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by jdobler

I recently obtained a ADRF6806 EVAL BOARD Z kit from DigiKey, and have been struggling to make it do anything.  Disappointed at the lack of instructions, but poking around seems to result in finding the basics - yet not working.  Instructions that I've gleaned:


1) Install the application and drivers.  Note that I'm using Windows 10 Pro.  No complaints from the OS, Device Manager finds the driver, USBVIEW finds the enumeration


2) Apply 5.0V to VCC_BB1 - seems OK at 0.07A.  Apply 3.3V to 3P3V2 - seems OK at 0.15A, and voltages appear distributed about the board, including the 2P5V and seeing 0.2V at CP and VTUNE.   False lead in a thread to look at VCO_LDO - I see 0V, but given the open parts, this seems to be appropriate.


3) Applied 26 MHz at 5 dBm to REFIN, applied 249 MHz at -20 dBm to RF IN, connected Spec Anal to IOUT_SE.


4) Start the application software - disappointing to not see a signature or similar "the board is definitely working", other than implicit with the box colors.  But I'll have to trust all is OK.  Setup for 250 MHz internal LO, using Fractional Synthesizer - settings compute reasonably, press the "Upload all registers", and nothing happens.


Of interest is that if I probe the lines from the Cypress chip, I see 24-bits of clock at 16 usec period but on the DATA pin, with no rise/fall in LE and no toggling on the CLK pin.


This basically looks like a non-responsive board.  Any thoughts/suggestions?