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FMC-SDB AD2S1205 HDL Vivado or ISE base project

Question asked by shenlung on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by AdrianC

Good day, I am wanting to synthesize project with the FMC-SDB Interposer and syncro ADC AD2S1205, I have downloaded all files but I see no ISE or Vivado  project. Is this built using a Xilinx reference project? If so which one? Is this using petalinux? Where can I download the project source that is used to build the bit file.


I actually want to build under a different board the zedboard AES-Z7EV-7Z020-G which has FMC. I prefer to use Vivado but am willing to go back and use ISE if ncessary. I dont see why I would need to do this. What I cant seem to find anywhere is the base project source files, just the generated bit file. I should be able to rebuild from the ground up with the base project. Is it available?