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Simulation of Schematic as per provided in AD9856 datasheet in ADIsimPE?

Question asked by prashanffunde on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by prashanffunde

I wanted to simulate, Evaluation board schematic as per provided in the AD9856 datasheet.

I am using ADIsimPE but in that, I am not getting AD9856 part details to place it. Also, I was unable to get AD8320 for the same.


I made a hardware interface of FPGA and AD9856 through SPI. It works as per mentioned in the datasheet for single tone frequency.

But in continuous mode when known data of 12 bit is provided to DDC, I am not getting properly modulated waveform at the IF connector.

I am using Ref Clock multiplier to make sampling frequency of 200 MHz from the oscillator of 50 MHz.


Data_I send on a frequency of 9.8208 MHz by making TxEnable high for the same and Data_Q sent at same frequency using Tx_Enable  signal LOW.


If anyone has screenshots of results of QPSK modulated data then please share.