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LRFDev firmware for EVAL-AD9913 and similar

Question asked by BitsAndAtoms on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by BitsAndAtoms

We are successfully using EVAL-AD9913 boards in our academic research laboratory. Currently, we use desktop computers running Windows 7 to connect to their Cypress FX2 chips, using the driver supplied by Analog Devices. We would now like to interface the boards through Linux.


We have connected the evaluation board with our Linux machine and through the cyusb_linux package provided by Cypress we can upload firmware to the FX2. However, we do not have the firmware required for the EVAL-AD9913 board in the required Intel Hex format, only as the .spt file provided with the Windows driver.


Is it possible to obtain the FX2 firmware (LRFDev, which is also used for other AD DDS evaluation boards) as Intel Hex file(s)?