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ADuC 7126 always go to IRQ_Handler and GPIO Config goes wrong

Question asked by Guanhan on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Guanhan

Hi I writing to inquire Some Issues

I use the ADuC 7126 QSPZ Development board to test and assign my  circuit

When the Core go to the IRQ_Handler function in the  ADuC_irq.c and it goto the else loop and  always execution the while(1) loop


Function :

__irq __arm void  IRQ_Handler(void)
   if ( *IRQ !=0x00)
   while(1);  //<-----alway excution the while(1) Loop


I don't know how can it reach there,how to debug it
And I try the ADuC7XXXV0.2 Example file to make sure my Core is fine

But I found out the  GPXDAT and GPxPAR Value is incorrect to what I give(GP0DAT and GP4DAT [0:7] Value is not  0xFF ) 

By the Way ,the GPIO setting Issue picture is  below

1. I want to know the Why the Core goto the IRQ_Handler's else function and How can I fix it

2. Why the Core the GPxDAT and GPxPAR Value goes wrong


Looking forward to someone reply
By Guanhan_Chen.