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ADE9000 Phase Sequence Error Detection

Question asked by Webber.Tsai on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by ValeriaToff

Hi Sir'

(1) The ADE9000 have Phase Sequence Error Detection function,  I just want to read SEQERR bit(at STATUS1) per sec for

      check Phase Sequence Error Detection, But not enough information that me know how to set it?


(2) The ADE9000 data sheet have instructions ,  when the Phase Sequence Error, the STATUS1 register SEQERR bit set

      to 1 occurs. And if you want to convert the IRQ pin from low to high, write the STATUS1 register SEQERR bit = 1 to

     acknowledge this event and clear STATUS1. SEQERR bit

     So i would just write STATUS1 register SEQERR bit set to1, IRQ pin will be from low to high.





(3)  When Phase Sequence Error occurs, SEQ_ERR bit will always be high, or hold for a while high then go to low ? If it will

       automatically from high to low, how long will the high level of time continue?