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Question about the default_download macro (for ADAU144x)

Question asked by RyanJ on Nov 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by bowerymarc

I noticed that in the generated default_download macro that the setting up of the master clock (writing 0x01FF to address 0xE280) is the 18th write operation, however in the datasheet for the ADAU144x it states (p.23): "This [Master Clock Enable Switch Register (Address 0xE280)] is the first register that should be set after the device is powered on and completes its initialization. Failure to set this register may compromise future register writes."


Setting the master clock is called out as being step 3 in the startup sequence (p.20), performed before any other register writes. Am I misinterpreting something, or is this an error in the default_download macro? For now I'm going to manually set that register before calling default_download.



-- Ryan