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Play voice messages in pcm or any other way

Question asked by piero on Sep 28, 2017

ADAU1701 does not have the ability to play voice messages.


ADAU1452 can play voice messages, but I can not use it because it is currently impossible to program the DAC and ADC with sample rate 96,000 and I need this sampling speed.


Does anyone know if ADAU1761 is a DSP dedicated to audio, maybe with some trick can play voice messages in any format?


I have the utmost need to recover space in the hardware so I have to eliminate all the components used for speech synthesis.


I hope some Analog expert can give me precise directions.


I also thought about fixing the problem using beeps like this:

With adau1701 sample rate 48000, I need to press a button, to generate an equal or similar sound as that playable in the 1.mp3 file.
Playing the sound the cycle ends and repeats itself only if the button is pressed again.

With file 2.mp3 you have to get a result like the previous, the difference is that the frequency and times are different.

I try to get these two results with Chime, but I can not.
Maybe the two sounds can be generated using timer and multiplexer oscillators, but how?


In the attached project I can generate cadence beeps, but I do not know how to stop playback at the end of the 4 beeps.
Surely you can do it with less instructions, this is a basic idea.