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Are there any difference between ADuM5401W-1 and ADuM5401W?

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2017
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Are there any difference between ADuM5401W-1 and ADuM5401W?


1.Especially radiated emission result, if ADI has EMC evaluation result (CISPR22 or EN55022).

   Is radiated emission result almost same between  ADuM5401W-1 and ADuM5401W?


2.Which block or parts change, as ADI can disclose?  

If possible, could you tell me resister value change, capacitor value change or circuit configuration change?

My assumption is band gap reference of secondary side change to improve start- up issue.


I understood datasheet description of VISO START-UP ISSUES.

My understanding is both device are almost same ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS except VISO restart .



My customer is going to make trial PCB for next model using ADuM5401W-1 next month.

The current model using ADuM5401W.


They need to prove both device almost same between ADuM5401W-1 and ADuM5401W

in their next model design review.



Because the application is very important mitigate radiated emission. 


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