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ADV7619 - Unable to acquire Signal Lock on Quantum Data 804B Signal generator

Question asked by snovak.rtrk on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by snovak.rtrk
Hi, I'm using ADV7619 on my board, in pair with my FPGA/FreeRTOS/XilinxSDK, I'm also using the evaluation board EVAL-ADV7619-7511.
I'm testing it with 12 different Set Top Box devices from different vendors. I'm able to get a signal lock on every single of them.
The only device I'm having  trouble with is the  Quantum Data 804B Signal generator.
The scenario is as follows:
MY device with ADV7619 is booted/powered, with cable already in HDMI PORT A , connected to an ALREADY RUNNING Quantum Data 804B Signal generator with settings 1080p@60/ YUV 4:2:2


This causes the following symptoms:
ADV7619's interrupt pin and register IO->0x3F (INTRQ_RAW)  continually signal new interrupts, stating that CABLE_DET_A_RAW is 1
ALL other required RAW registers are 0 (t PLL LOCK RAW = 0 , TMDS CLK RAW =0, DEREGEN = 0, STDI_DATA_VALID =0, V_LOCKED=0)
If I plug the HDMI cable in and out, a few more interrupts later I get PLL LOCK RAW 1 , TMDS CLK RAW 1, DEREGEN, STDI_DATA_VALID 1, meaning the signal was locked.
I'm using the latest recommended script configuration files when configuring the ADV7619 on my device.
The EvalBoard when booted onto a stable HDMI signal from the Quantum Data 804B Signal generator,  is perfectly able to acquire a signal lock.
Could you please provide me some troubleshooting pointers or hints, so I can try to determine the root cause of this behavior?