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ADE7880 power up problem

Question asked by Webber.Tsai on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by ValeriaToff

HI sir

(1) A customer found that some of their meters (1%) based on ADE7880 has problem when the meter was powered off  

     then powered on (a few second afterward), there is no data on MISO which it should be.  Pull RESET/ pin did NOT have 

     effect. Then after another power-on reset, MISO is back to normal again. The meter’s  power supply is converted from

     AC lines. Is it possible that some power supply transient corrupts the power up sequence to cause this resulting in

     ADE7880 can not working ?


(2) If the IC is not probably powered up, will RESET/ pin still work?

(3) What should be paid attention to the meter design during these rapid power cycle (ON-> OFF-> ON)?

     These power cycles happened during utility company’s automated testing when changing some testing parameters.


(4) Does the ADE7880 power on/off have rise time and fall time slope specifications?

(5) Is there a special requirement for PM0 & PM1 in the power-up procedure? When power up process if there is a change

     the PM0 and PM1 conditions will affect the normal work ?