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BF60x LPDDR Settings - Run slower?

Question asked by Spork on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by WillMoore

I'm running a BF607 with a 512 Mb LPDDR (Micron MT46H32M16LFBF-5 IT:C).  I would like to slow the memory down to ~32MHz for power and EMI reasons.  It runs great at 122MHz but won't run at all below 82MHz.


Attached are two custom board support files I'm using to test; one that runs great at 122MHz and one that does not work at all at 61MHz.  The register values came from a version of "Blackfin DMC Calculation Release.xlsx" that I have modified for the BF60x with LPDDR.  XTAL frequency is 16.384MHz for reference.


Have I made an error in the settings?  Is there any reason the controller or the LPDDR itself cannot be run slower?