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Re: ZCU102 with DAQ2 using Vivado 2017.2

Question asked by James12345 on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by James12345
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Hi Istvan,


We recently received our ZCU102 and DAQ2 and we are searching solutions to get DAQ2 to work on ZCU102.


One of the problems we have is, when loading util_adxcvr ip (from dev branch) , we had lots of warning in vivado 2016.4 saying, "cannot find up_cm_0 bus interface definition" ... etc.


Looking at util_adxcvr_ip.tcl,   this line "ipx::remove_all_bus_interface [ipx::current_core]" seems very suspicious.

While we were loading axi_adxcvr_ip.tcl, we don't have problem like this.



1/ are we using right version vivado 2016.4 for dev branch?

2/ how we do fix this problems if so?