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Energy Meter IC to measure single phase parameters in a 3P3W system

Question asked by TransFlow on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by TransFlow

Hi team, Energy Monitoring and Metering


I am planning to use ADE 7753 single phase energy meter in my design. The application would be to measure the voltage between the two phases between ƟA and ƟB (Line voltage) for a 3 phase motor (delta connected). Rogowski coil would be used to measure the current in the ƟA. please confirm that the ADE 7753 single phase device can actually be used to measure and calculate energy of one phases on a 3 phase motor with delta power connections? The voltage measurement needs to be across one of the motor phases. There is no neutral.  


Simply put, i have to measure the single phase line voltage (Vab) and single phase current in a 3 phase 3 wire system with no neutral. 


Please suggest if ADE7753 or any other energy meter IC would be suitable for the above application