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AD9364 Power supply query

Question asked by sudarshankr on Sep 27, 2017
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Currently we are designing a custom board based on AD9364 chipset. I had referred the Evaluation board for the power supply section. The EV board contains the 3.3V to 1.8V conversion  using ADP2164 chipset which is 4A capable device.

Also there are 2 sections of 1.8V to 1.3V conversions using ADP7155 device which is 1.2A capability. Please let me know

1. If these current capable rails are mandatory to be used.

2. What is the purpose of 2 rails of 1.3V ( can both these rails can be clubbed)

3. Our current design is using of AD9364 within 30MHz to 512MHz band

4. Is it mandatory to use ADP2164 and ADP7155 devices