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BF609 - start Echo server lwIP from flash

Question asked by Dwarf on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by Dwarf

Hello All!


I have my own device with BF609. I try to load the example with Echo server from lwIP 2.6.0 ("..\Analog Devices\lwIP_Stack-Rel2.6.0\lwip\Blackfin\examples\inetd"). It works as I want in debug mode - ADSP-BF609 via ICE-100B. In system.svc I configured the static IP address and send bytes to my board by Putty.

After this test I try to load project into the flash:

CLDP -proc ADSP-BF609 -emu 100b -driver bf609_w25q32bv_dpia_sr02.dxe -cmd info -cmd prog -erase affected -format hex -file inetd.ldr

In the report - all done, no errors. But after power reboot my board doesn't boot or maybe OS doesn't start.

/* start the OS */

if(osErr != OS_ERR_NONE)
printf("failed to start OS\n");
while(1){ ; }

I try to create a simple project with LED and load to flash. It works without any problems. After power reboot the LED lights.


What could be a problem?