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ADF7023 - MSK modulation Minimum packet to packet interval time

Question asked by sugu89 on Sep 26, 2017
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 We are looking for a Low power RF Transceiver for our below receiver Requirement, Your Transceiver part ADF7023 looks meets our requirements.  

Frequency         : 450MHz

De-modulation   : MSK

Data-rate          : 40kbps

Framing       : Any Framing
CRC            : CRC-16
FEC            : Not required
Payload Data : 150 Bytes (30mS)
Packet interval : 50mS (Min)
Encryption : AES-256
For our above requirement we need to send the packet data at every 50mS whereas our payload data interval is around 30mS.
1) Is there any issue in operating at 50mS packet interval by using RF Transceiver ADF7023?
2) What is the minimum packet interval supported by your Transceiver ADF7023?
Thanks and Regards,
Sugumar K