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Failed to connect to processor with SC584 and CCES

Question asked by macci77 on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by raanan

When I connect ICE1000 to SC584 EZBoard and try to debug an example code with CCES, it complains as follows:


[TpsdkServer] Failed to connect to processor.

Error: 0x80048015
Error Description: Initialization: Open device driver failed



ICE1000 's LED lights with green color.

I tried changing/updating the driver etc. but nothing helped


Solution to this:


To overcome this problem we did as follows:

I noticed that McAfee had been downloaded without my knowing of it and saw there was some contradiction in the parameters.

 I first uninstalled McAfee Web Advisor. That didn't fix the problem. Next, I used regedit to search for all occurrences of "mfesapsn". There were several, including, 


It is the GUID in the latter that conflicts with the Analog Devices CrossCore Tools class, which causes its installation to fail. I'm not sure whether deleting the LEGACY_MFESAPSN registry entry(s) was necessary, but I did delete them.

I also had to manually change permissions on several of the registry keys and some subkeys before I was successful at deleting them.