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About Learning materials for ADI DSP

Question asked by stargate on Nov 1, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2011 by CraigG

This is to the ADI staffs,


Hi, I am a novice in the world of DSP. I have been comparing DSP made by TI, ADI and Freescale.


From my limited exposure to DSP as a novice with a background in Mechanical Engineering, I would like to say ADI make one of the best DSP in the world. My application requires a power DSP to do calculation yet do not have large pin counts!


However, I am forced to use TI in my product design simply because they have a structured and organized teaching materials that enable novice like myself to kick start everything quickly.


Is there any plan within ADI to prepare good teaching materials for novices like students or professional like me so that we can all benefit from the advantage of ADI DSP?


Thank you.