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configure asrc and pcg in 21584

Question asked by Lynnzi on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by Lynnzi

Hello, may i get some help here about configuring PCG and  ASRC in 21584 EVK?

I'd like to make it work as following:


ADC  ---> ASRC0--->SPORT0A--->CORE interrupt ISR--->SPORT6A--->    DAC playback

ASRC0 input clock and data is from ADC, output clock by PCG C

SPORT0A, SPORT6A clock is provided by PCGC


PCG is generated from SYS_CLKIIN1(external crystal 24.576MHz)


With the above configuration, the DAC output are all noise when playing content.


Keep all code the same, I only changed the PCGC to be external clock driven (24.576MHz from ADC) and ASRC output clock to be same clock as input clock. The playback is normal.


What possibly could be wrong in the initial congfiguration? It looks like ASRC output doesn't work well with clock from PCG.


Thanks in advance.