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ADC EVB interface with Blackfin EZ-Extender

Question asked by rhyseph on Nov 1, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2012 by rhyseph

Hi all,


I've recently started development with a BFF533 EZ-Kit Lite and Blackfin EZ-Extender. I need to interface this with an ~65MSps >=12bit ADC.


I have a AD9649-65EBZ Evaluation Board, however this has HM-Zd connectors suitable for the FPGA-based ADC Evaluation Board. Is there a viable solution to connect the the ADC board to the 40pin connector on the EZ-extender? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm not particularly worried about SPI.


I initially looked for evaluation boards in the EZ-Extender to DSP Supported HSC Evaluation Boards list, however this was written in 2003 and many of the boards are no longer availible.


Failing this, would the AD9246-125EBZ, interface easily with the EZ-Extender? It uses the FIFO-based evaluation board.