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HMC220BMS8GE Isolation data

Question asked by sss on Sep 24, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by huangzeyan

Hi all,


Our customer is evaluating the EV1HMC220BMS8G evaluation Board.
Evaluated Isolation data is degradation using as a upconverter.


In the datasheet isolation specification,
IF = 100 MHz, LO drive level = 10 dBm.
RF to IF 20(typ) dB
LO to RF 49(min) 57(typ) dB
LO to IF 23(min) 38(typ) dB

Our customer evaluated data is,
LO-RF:isolation 34.26dB < 49(min) 57(typ) dB

LO-RF:isolation 36.76dB < 49(min) 57(typ) dB


What is the cause of data deterioration ?
Please give advice for improving characteristics.


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