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Links between 2 ADAU1701

Question asked by piero on Sep 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by piero

I have already asked this question but I did not have any answers, I hope to make it more fortunate



Hello everyone,
i need to know if these connections are accurate to work together 2 ADAU1701.
Some questions:

1) On the second DSP OSCO is left open?


2) What is the procedure for writing in the configuration register the value to have the exact generation of the clock for the second DSP and what do I write in this register?
Note that the first DSP has a sample rate of 48,000 and the second at 96,000.


3) When connecting from the first DSP DAC0 to the second DSP ADC0

I can avoid putting filters since then the second DSP will do the audio processing and then the filters
will be put on the output DAC of the second DSP?

The application is not HI-FI but simply phone band 300 - 3000 hZ, so it is not
necassary high quality.