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AD9375 Observation Receiver Distortion

Question asked by jmueller on Sep 22, 2017
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we are sending a real sinewave (i.e. I=sine, Q=0) with 8192 samples (exact 1 period) as a test signal in the Windows TES over the AD9375 TX and receive it (attenuated) via its observation RX (2 mio. samples). In the recorded data file, we see amplitude steps as well as sine discontinuities/phase steps.


TX input data (I):

I in


Received output data (I) with amplitude steps:

I out amplitude step


Received output data (I) with phase step:

I out phase step


Do you have any idea what is the reason and how to avoid this? Maybe a problem with the Zynq design or the TES?


Thank you very much! Jan