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ADE7758 Voltage Path Processing Tomes

Question asked by lux on Sep 22, 2017
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I would like to know how long does it take for the ADE7758 to complete the whole processing a voltage analog

input signal, convert it into a digital VRMS , and make it available in the output registeers.

Your advice would  be appreciated.

Suppose that the ADE7758 is operated from 5V,  10MHz CLKIN, ADC sampled at 26KHz, and the inputs  are fullscale 60Hz sinusoidal signals、and  the amplitude of only one of the voltage signals  were reduced  stepwise  to 5% of

FS, with the amplitude of tthe other inputs  are kept as they were .

In  such a case, how long in milli seconds would it take before the 95% amplitude reduction is reflected in VRMS in the output registers.  This is my concern.

If breakdowns like below are available , I will be happier .

1.  Time to ADC output from voltage input.

2. Time to LPF1 output from   ADC output.

3.    Time to  output registers  from   LPF1 output.


Thanks a lot !