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Controlling an AD5790 using RPi3 & linux iio driver

Question asked by swh7 on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2017 by DragosB


  I am trying to control an AD5790 DAC with a Raspberry Pi 3 using the linux ad5791 driver to control the DAC through it's SPI interface.  The Raspberry Pi is connected to the DAC through an EVAL-AD5760_80_90SDZ board.  To do this, I've been following the instructions on this page;


AD5791 IIO DAC Linux Driver [Analog Devices Wiki] 


So, I rebuilt the kernel on the Raspberry Pi with "Industrial I/O support" and the "Analog Devices AD5760/AD5780/AD5781/AD5790/AD5791 DAC SPI driver" enabled (=y) but after rebuilding the kernel and rebooting the Raspberry Pi, no devices appear in /sys/bus/iio/devices/.  Are there additional steps required to get the Raspberry Pi to recognize  the DAC besides just building the kernel with the ad5791 driver?  Thanks for your help,