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Audio issue in BF706 and TalkThrough example

Question asked by williammjs on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by Kader.M

Hi everyone!


I recently started working in an audio DSP application using ADSP-BF706 Eval Kit board based in the example TalkThrough_BF706Mini.

After doing several modifications while developing my routines, i realized one of them makes sound play stuck, which is to change the  the following define at line 38:


#define NUM_AUDIO_SAMPLES       64u


#define NUM_AUDIO_SAMPLES       1024u


The output sounded like the first audio samples acquired being played repeatedly. So i took care of doing the same single modification in a clean TalkThrough example and this same behavior is noticed. The curious thing is that the maximum number that it could be defined without causing that audio problem is 804. More than that, audio gets stuck.


So, is there any other required presets to be done in order to get a greater rx buffer filled from audio input?