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AD9361 protection in continuous wave

Question asked by razavimday on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by sripad

Hi ADIer,


Could you help us to check below 3 points? Thank you very much.


1.the protection circuit of AD9361 for Radar Signal Sampling(-90dbm~-40dbm)

with High power input(1W continuous wave). now we use PE45361A-X(Limiter) + BAT54S(Schottky diode)

Could you help to check that this design for normal sampling signal(-90dbm~-40dbm) should be worked?

2.we use 0402(package res/cap) , but 0201 is used in EVB. Which one is more good for RF signal

3.the recommended Connector for RF signals