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EVAL-ADAU144xEBZ evaluation boards connected together

Question asked by Zeb on Sep 19, 2017
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I´m working with SigmaStudio with two EVAL-ADAU144xEBZ evaluation boards connected together.

The project that I’m working with is using 15 microphones as input, one evaluation board is master and one is slave.

We are filtering the input signals (speech) so we get the output signal from the best microphone that we use for STT. The logic in SigmaStudio is comparing the signal from all the microphones so we in the end get the best microphone signal. The system is working really well but now we would like to get a digital output from the evaluation board which microphone that was selected and this is something that I would like to get some help with.

First question is how I can keep track of the different microphones in the SigmaStudio flow. The second question how to get a digital signal out from the master card to a computer with the microphone information.

Attached you can find the logic for master and slave (PDF). The output from the slave board is connected to input 6 in the master board. There is two outputs from the master card so at this point in the project we know the difference between 3 important microphones vs. the rest.