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Linear regulator low-noise for supply power +5V two ADC7367 from +12V.

Question asked by oscargomezf on Sep 19, 2017
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Hi everyone,


I'm working on a new design with two ADC AD7367. I have to supply 5V for two ADCs AD7367 (Pins: DVCC, VDRIVE and AVCC). I know that the power consumption of the ADC7367 is not too high and because I have +12Vdc I was thinking about using a linear regulator for this purpose.


According to the datasheet Icc (normal operation with internal reference enabled) is máximum 5.65mA so Icc Max (AD7367)= 2 * 5.65mA = 11.3mA. In my design, I'm using three isolators with 5V and the maximum Icc = 57.5mA, so the total power consumption is 68.8mA@5V.


This is the reason I think that with a linear regulator will be enough Due to Vin = 12V, I will have to be able to dissipate = (12 - 5) * 68.8 = 481.6mWatts.


Any recommendation for a Linear regulator with low-noise for this kind of applications?


Best regards.