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Unable to plot signal source and receive signal on same time sink when using hardware/fmcomms2 on GNUradio

Question asked by mr_nazrin on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by travisfcollins

Hello everybody,


I'm using Ubuntu 17.04 + Zedboard + FMCOMMS2 + Remote IIO with sample rate=2.084M , freq= 5k, cylic=true & LO=2.4G, Manual Gain Mode. I just run simple signal source (cyclic -sine), sine wave that transmit from TX1A and received on RX1A. Today my project is to plot signal source and receive signal in the same time sink, so that I can observe phase different between source TX and receive part RX.


On control experiment, two different time sink probe on source and receive signal as shown in figure flowgraph.pngflowgraph

and I can see the good response



now I would like to merge both Signal Source and Received Signal on the same probe as shown in figure flowgraph1.png so that phase different between two waveform can be observed.



the result is unexpected, seem receive signal fail to display and the waveform is freeze/hang. 



Then for further verification, I remove hardware usage (fmcomms2 sink/source) and put a delay to emulate phase different and the result shows two different waveforms with different phase able to simulate.




Can someone share why this kind of behavior occurs when using the hardware/fmcomms2..

There is limitation on configuration fmcomms2 on flowgraph/GNUradio ?



Best Regards,