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AD5422 accuracy with external Rset case

Question asked by ilhan.taygurt on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by ilhan.taygurt

Dear All,


In our new board i am planning to use AD5422 as 4-20mA loop tranmitter.

Since i need 0.5% accuracy @ FSR my idea is to use external Rset resistor to have much more margin.


In the datasheet of AD5422, specs are getting better with external Rset usage and i have three questions regarding to this;


1- What is part number of the Rset that the specs are based on. Is it the same with EVAL board? In EVAL board Rset is given as FEC 1140932" but i could not find this part in the internet.

2- How do i calculate accuracy wrt external Rset parameters?

3- Is there any way to use AD5422 for Loop powered 4-20mA current loops?