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ADXL372 external synchronization

Question asked by Terumasa on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by John.Tuazon



Our customer will use ADXL372 at external sync (2000Hz) and internal clock (ODR=3200 Hz setting).

Datasheet rev.0 P24  "SYNCHRONIZED DATA SAMPLING" says below.



The EXT_SYNC is an active high signal. Due to the asynchronous
nature of the internal clock and external sync, there may be a
one ODR clock cycle difference between consecutive external sync
pulses. "



What does one ODR clock cycle difference  mean ?

I think  that  ADXL372  outputs date at 1/3200 second after sync (every 1/2000 second )

when SYNC is 2000Hz and ODR setting is3200Hz (internal clock ).


Please let me know your advice how  "one ODR clock cycle difference" affects ADXL372 operation .