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AD5933: Initialize With Start Frequency Command Not Working

Question asked by GregJ_415 on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by musach

I have designed an impedance measurement system with Analog Front End using op-amps similar to the AD5933 Eval board schematic. I am using FPGA to do I2C command sequence and control of the AD5933 part. 


I am able to get temp measurement successfully with I2C between AD5933 and FPGA. However, when I try to program relevant registers and then issue "initialize with start frequency" command, the output just sits at gnd. 


I have checked waveforms on my Oscilloscope the bits look correct and I am seeing Acknowledge bits from AD5933. 


I am stuck on this, any suggestions? do you need any attachments or other information from me?

I am following the command sequence flow-chart on page 22 of the data sheet, using internal oscillator for MCLK.