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Are there any AD9371 FPGA Matlab consultants available?

Question asked by olle on Sep 18, 2017
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I am looking for help to convert the ADI ZC706 AD9371 design to the carrier board ZCU102, and also add in support to ctrl everything from Matlab. Any consultant/freelancer/professional out there that can put everything in a neat deliverable packaged?  


Short SOW:

(1) Carrier board: ZCU102 (ZC706 is supported by ADI today)

(2) Everything will be running on a windows computer

(3) All HW/SW/FW troubleshooting shall be fixed, the delivery shall be plug-and-play out of the box

(A) Step by step instruction extremely well documented in just one document with 

different chapters how to (from scratch) download ADIs design files, where to find

everything in the githubs, how to compile/setup/program SW/FW/LInux/RTL, and how 

to do all the board bring up. Go through the ADI wiki of posted problems, matlab profile

generator, iio osc, etc add in all the relevant information into the document. 

(B) Deliver two designs;  (1) as a Vivado RTL GUI projects as well as (2)a TCL project, synergy

effects between the two (common scritps) are perfectly okay to utilize  

(C) How to add custom RTL code and IP-blocks into the 2 projects mention above, and

also document  how to hook up these custom modules with 1-N AXI4lite interfaces and how to 

include theses drivers in the SW build etc etc. The example projects shall be delivered with 

4 “empty” modules included. These modules shall have TX, FB and/or RX data trough them. There

shall be one module on each TX pipe, one on the feedback, and one module on one of the RX pipes.

These modules shall be placed between the DDR and the JESD204B interface. Each “empty”

module shall have a 32x32 AXI4lite accessible registerbank in it.

(D) Controlling the transceiver (AD9371); All ctrl shall be done from within Matlab, script to setup

the AD9371 and the ADI FPGA IPs shall be developed, it is okay to use the TES (the ADI Test Evaluation

SW) or any other default setups found in the ADI hubs/wiki/apps and convert it to Matlab code.  

(F) Matlab Examples of how to use all the AD9371 API commands in the ADI provided dll, all examples

extremely well commented/documented. 

(G) Matlab Examples of how to use all the FPGA API commands functionality provided in the 

ADI dll, everything extremely well commented/documented

(H) Matlab commands and driver example incl how to reach the register/ram space in all the custom added modules

(I) Short commands implemented for transmitting data / receiving data to/from AD9371 to/from Matlab shall be provided, and a demo shall be made, transmitting and receiving data; Matlab -> FPGA -> AD9371 TX -> AD9371 FB -> FPGA -> Matlab 


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