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ade7953 voltage channel

Question asked by NicolaB on Sep 18, 2017
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Hi there!

I'm developing a IOT energy meter using ADE7953 and an ESP; at this time i'm still designing the pcb. What i would like to ask to you is a simply question about how the voltage channel works. The data sheet says that it is a fully differential input, commonly use as single ended. I don't fully understand this, referring to figure:



Looking at VP-VN pin

Does the data sheet says that this is a single end configuration just because of that 1k resistor (and 33nF cap) on Vn ? So is it a ground resistor that pull Vn to ground? So if yes, should that resistor doesn't works as attenuator as the other (1M and 1k) ? Finally does the differential configuration connect the AC source directly with Vp-Vn pin (with at least a attenuator network), without ground connection or with symmetrical central ground connection (so in the figure's case the 110V connected to 1M resistor and Vn)?


My last question is about the meaning of "active low pin"; does it stay for reverse logic, or it mean that when power on a certain pin has a low logic state "by default"? 



Thank you very much, hope you can help me.