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CCES+BF609 debug error:UnhandledException + illegal opcode

Question asked by LiuYe on Sep 18, 2017
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My platform is BF609 and My project is dubugged using CCES.
      Several days before, I used my own custom PCB for programming and everything went well. Then I reinstalled the PC system as part of my company's need for software platform building.
      When I opened my project again after I reinstalled the CCES software, I tried to build and debug it.  The project was built normally as I see, but then it hallted with the errror information shown below:

         A non-recoverable error or exception has occurred.
         Description:   An undefined instruction has been encountered (Exception with EXCAUSE=0x21).
         General Type:  UnhandledException
         Specific Type: UndefinedInstruction
         Error PC:      0x03002696
        The project  was debugged step by step then. It was found that  the running stoped when the sorfware tried to go into the funciotn SystemInit():


The code window:

         int main(void)
                  /* Initialize managed drivers and/or services */

                  * Initialize managed drivers and/or services that have been added to
                  * the project.
                  * @return zero on success

                  if(SUCCESS != SystemInit())       // The software halted here!!!!!!!!!!
                           return FAILURE;




Disassembly window:
03002694:   JUMP.S SystemInit ; //——Halted here and never goes ahead again!
03002696:   JUMP.S 16 /*0x30026A6*/ ; //——The line showed in the orror information!
03002698:   R6 += 20 ;
0300269a:   R0 = 0 ;
32       adi_initComponents();
0300269c:   IF ! CC JUMP 64 /*0x30026DC*/ ( BP ) ;
0300269e:   IDLE ;
030026a0:   CC = R0 == 0 ;
030026a2:   IF ! CC JUMP 64 /*0x30026E2*/ ;
030026a4:   0428 *illegal opcode*; //—— Several lines of *illegal opcode*!
37       if(SUCCESS != PLL_Init())
030026a6:   NOP ;
030026a8:   R0 = B [ P5 + 0 ] ( Z ) ;
030026ac:   4700 *illegal opcode*;
39       return FAILURE;
030026ae:   R4 = R0 | R1 ;
030026b0:   JUMP.S -48 /*0x3002680*/ ;
030026b2:   JUMP.S -4096 /*0x30016B2*/ ;
42       SET_PILOT_LED;
030026b4:   NOP ;
030026b6:   0008 *illegal opcode*;


            I did try to use a simple project which was justly used to make a LED lamp on and off. It was found the light toggled as I programed it to do. So I judged that my PCB went well.

            I have spent some days trying to found the cause of the error and still have no idea what to do.  Please help me.