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Sigma Studio automatic Speaker EQ data import format(?) issue

Question asked by christiann on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by H.-Jürgen

Hello everybody,


I have a Problem with said Sigma studio funktion, the Automatic Speaker EQ Block, to import almost anny form of measurement.


The only thing working is the impulse response from REW, but I need it to work with other measurement software too, so I tried to convert/format my data. But regardless of what I tried I could not get it to work. Sigma Studio either failed to Validate the data or threw an Error without pointing out what was actually wrong. The example files work just fine, I can even copy my data in to them an they will work, but Sigma wont accept anny file that has ben created anew. I even went so far as to open the files in an Hex editor and to compare the seperation/formating on this level. They are absolute identical.... Sigma also rejected the MLSSA Export from REW, which had me at quite some impass as this is the supposed file Format for importing data to this block.


So far I tried Impulse responses From Hobbybox and REW and Frequency responses from ARTA, REW and Hobbybox. I also tried several methods already on this forum and none worked so far.


So has annybody a workaround for this Problem or a fix?


Greetings, Christian.N