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ADIS16445 user data register read/write

Question asked by simonchen on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2017 by NevadaMark
I am a new user of ADIS16445. I have some tedious questions need your help. Any comments would be much appreciated.
1. after power on, I read the values stored in the data registers. The values are different from the manufacturer's default values. Is these differences of values are the result of power up system automated initialization?
2. I tried to update some user data registers, then I found the updated values were not as I expected. 
part of the codes are as floowing:
    write_reg(MPUREG_SENS_AVG + 1, 0x05);
    write_reg(MPUREG_SENS_AVG, 0x02);
    write_reg(MPUREG_SMPL_PRD + 1, 0x03);
    write_reg(MPUREG_SMPL_PRD, 0x04);
    write_reg(MPUREg_MSC_CTRL+ 1, 0x05);
    write_reg(MPUREg_MSC_CTRL, 0x07);

initial value:  0xb905 、0xb802、0xb703、0xb604、0xb505、0xb407

valuses stored in data registers:  34:0x126d 36:0x00eb 38:0x0601

values read out after writing operations:34:0x0f00 36:0x0007 38:0x0301

Is there anything I should pay special attentions while writing to the user data registers such as MSC_CTRL、SMPL_PRD、SENS_AVG ?
3. I must missed something while handling Accel and Gyro. Every time  the values I got from Accel and Gyro are from a small pool of values. The reading were not the same every time, but always from the one of the number from the small pool.
 4. Why the 3rd time is a charm? During initialization, can not get the correct PROD_ID, at first try.
       starting driver adis16445 start
       adis16445: unexpected ID 0x0000
       adis16445: unexpected ID 0x0000
       adis16445: ID 0x403d
Sorry for the long messages, desperate need everyone's help. Thank you very much for your patient.
Simon Chen