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[ADV7180] Color burst detection.

Question asked by Tamu on Sep 15, 2017
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I have questions of ADV7180.


My customer used AK8859. At this time, he investigates whether ADV7180 can be used instead of AK8859.
He has been evaluating ADV7180 by the Eval Board with various test conditions and
he compares the performance and capability with AK8859.


Question 1:
In HSYNC frequency change test,
when the HSYNC frequency is changed 15.75kHz plus-minus 8Hz, he can see an image without color on the display with ADV7180.
In case of AK8859, he can see an correct image with color with the same condition.
(He can see the correct image with color within 15.75kHz plus-minus 260Hz in AK8859.)
The condition of "HSYNC frequency is changed 15.75kHz plus-minus 8Hz" means moving the color burst synchronous with the HSYNC.
Is there any way or register to improve this?


Question 2:
In general, I think the color burst window is fixed from the falling edge of SYNC pulse by CVBS(NTSC etc.) specification.
It's from 5.3us to 7.82us.
Can ADV7180 expand the color burst detecting window?
Is there any way or register to expand it?


Thank you!
Best regards.