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some question for ADRF6518. output dc offset and range

Question asked by wizmy on Sep 14, 2017
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hi, everyone.

i have some question for ADRF6518

Supply Voltage : 3.3V
Input : I/Q AC, INP1 signal I Input, INM1 0.1uF capacitor to AGND
                INP2 signal Q Input, INM2 0.1uF capacitor to AGND
        VICM to AGND.
output : VOCM floating.
         VOCM measured 1.67V
SPI Register B1 is '0'

Q1. but, output dc offset is almost 0V to XX mV
i think the DC offset should be 1.67V.

why dc offset is nothing?!

Q2. in datasheet. Output Common-Mode Range is 1.5V p-p.
 how to Up for Output Common-Mode Range 2V p-p?!