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How to set PCGs TDM clock fs phase

Question asked by Graydon on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Jithul_Janardhanan

I want to use adsp21489 PCGS to generate TDM 8 channels clock for codecs(PCM4104)..  And I config the PCG get correct clock output, MCLK-12.288M ,SCLK-12.2888M, LRCLK-48K.  the clock wave looks like this:

Yellow clock: LRCLK

BLUE clock: SCLK


But the CODEC datasheet require clock is, So I need to change PCG get the following output , it means LRCLK rising , SCLK falling.  and LRCLK falling, SCLK also falling .....


1..How to config PCG get this output..I'll put my some piece of PCG's code,!!

2..also I notice with PCG_CTLA0 and PCG_CTLA1 have FSxPHASE bits, but whatever how I try it , the output always the same .. So whats the meaning of FSxPHASE_LO and FSxPHASE_HI?


int n,r0 ;

*pPCG_CTLA1 =0 ; *pPCG_CTLA0 =0;
for (n=0; n<16; n++)asm("NOP;");

*pPCG_PW1 =1;

r0 = sclk_div | CLKASOURCE | FSASOURCE;
*pPCG_CTLA1 = r0 ;

r0 = fs_div | ENFSA | ENCLKA; 
*pPCG_CTLA0 = r0;