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ADXL372 : Caputuring Impact Events

Question asked by ysuzuki on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by jwang



I am trying to confirm CAPUTURING IMPACT EVENTS mode operation, but I could not get a number of peak data in short continous shock event.
The FIFO caputure only last one acceleration data(X/Y/Z) per activity , despite I gave shock to ADXL372 more than 2 times before ADXL372 gets inactivity.
And the MAXPEAK_x register is overwriten by last shock input, even if the last shock was smolar than previous shock input.


I configured to ADXL372 as followings.


ODR = 800Hz
THRESH_ACT_x : 0x28 , 4G
TIME_ACT     : 0x01, 6.6ms
THRESH_INACT : 0x14 , 2G
TIME_INACT   : 0x97 , 1sec
FIFO_CTL     : 0x3B
  FIFO FORMAT[2:0] : "111", Store peak acceleration
  FIFO MODE [1:0]  : "01", Stream Mode
MEASURE : 0x60(Auto Sleep , Looped Mode) or 0x50(Auto Sleep , Linked Mode)


Could you please advise to me what is wrong or what is need ?


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