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How to reduce sample rate to 1Mbps in of the DAQ2 noOS project for the KCU105?

Question asked by xsun on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by xsun

Dear All,


I am working on the project using FMADAQ2 with KCU105. I use the 2016_R2 branch of the software for the hdl_2016_r2 branch. I have built the project and launch SDK application for testing. 

We would like to slow down the sample rate for both ADC and DAC to 1Mbps. I am not sure whether this low rate is feasible for this design. If it is possible, how can I change it? Is it something that can be done in the SDK application alone? Like changing some parameters in the fmcdaq2.c file... maybe?

Anyone could please give a instruction of how to change the sample rates for this design? I really need some help on this.


Thank you very much.