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AD9520 Programming Issue on the Socket

Question asked by henry-tang on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by pkern

Hi ADI Expert,


We're referring UG-076's "USING THE EVALUATION BOARD TO PROGRAM AN AD9520 ON A USER BOARD" section and trying to program AD9520-4 on independent socket.


At first, we have two different binary files and both can be programmed into on board AD9520's EEPROM successfully no matter through I2C or SPI interface.


Then we jump some pins (Power, GND, I2C and SPI related address pins) to the socket and set different address from on board AD9520.


We can recognize and get ACK from socket, and program one of binary file and read data back correctly and from EEPROM.


But for the other binary file, we can't program it into EEPROM...

Every time we program it and click read, the settings are incorrect and register map are all "00". 

Is there any steps I miss or is any signal (Ex. Input frequency) should be provided for programming AD9520 EEPROM on the socket? 


The setting (00) is attached as attachment and register map is also attached(Error.txt).

If any suggestion or comment, please kindly share it with us! Thanks very much!